Level 1-2 "The Sojuluh's"

"The High Fives" (Sojuluh's in local dialect), is all about having fun while exploring, performing and perfecting the basics. These essential first sessions cover all you need to know on how to get going, keep going and be a surfer for life. With pop up theory and training, paddling lessons in the beautiful Indian ocean focusing on safety, turning, board handling techniques and of course catching and riding those green waves.

You will be taught how to be safe in the water, as you catch your first waves. We’ll help to develop your confidence and surfing knowledge, offering you expert advice and teaching you the right techniques from the start. You’ll be learning fundamental surfing skills such as reading the sea conditions, sitting and paddling on the surfboard, standing -up movements in green waves, and controlling the board with confidence. We have informal workshops to explain water safety, currents and tides, wave patterns, surfing etiquette and priority rules, how to understand surf reports and what surfboard is right for you.

Types of waves surfed 

- Easy, crumbling waves predictable and user friendly 
- A frames- lefts and rights

Level 1-2 course content
- Surf intro
- Paddling theory
- paddling practice
- Surfing scenarios
- Surfing etiquette
- Bottom turn lesson
- Speed generation lesson
- Photo analysis
- Surfboard factory tour
- Surf science theory
- Surf history theory
- Surfing top tips theory talk
- Pop up reviews