the last section finished! Party!

Surfcamp Lombok Photo by Skate Bowl Project Manager


Yesterday the hip was finished which is the last section in the bowl, a quite tricky section with a lot of freestyle shaping. We went for a hybrid shape with a sharper edge in the upper two feet transforming in to a round “volcano”- shape. The goal was to make the hip both a good fly-off and a nice rhythm section to gain speed in. There's still some parts left to be made (deck and surrounding areas), but all the transitions and everything within the coping is done. If there ever was a reason to party – this is it!

In the picture (the guy with the fro): Our own “Jimi Hendrix”. The legend. This project wouldn't be possible without him.

In the second picture: Scott doing a 5-0.

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Concrete work with Jimi Hendrix

Scott doing a 5-0

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