Lombok Island View


Lombok is by itself a unique travel destination with its magnificent nature and varying topography. In addition to surfing there is a lot of great trekking and diving around Lombok.

Lombok is situated five hours by boat, or 20 minutes by airplane east of Bali in Indonesia. In size Lombok is almost the same as Bali, and has varied nature with a huge volcano, rice paddies and long sand beaches.

A lot of people have heard of Lombok because of the Gilli islands which are a popular destination among backpackers for diving and partying. Southern Lombok is not as exploited, there is a saying that it resembles how Bali was 20 years ago.

The majority of the population in Lombok are muslims, but they are originally Sasak which is one of many unique tribes in the Indonesian archipelago. Today most of the Sasak speaks Indonesian and are both friendly and curious to learn about foreign cultures. In total there are about 4,5 million people living on Lombok. Learn more at Wikitravel

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Map of Lombok


The vulcano Rinjani