Sessions (Level 3-4)

Our surf training program is committed to helping surfers learn new skills or fine tune existing ones. Run by qualified and passionate surf instructors with over 20 years experience you will get advice on every part of your surfing, from equipment needs, surf training, surf psychology, surf trip information etc. If you want to learn a new move, catch more waves, do a bigger turn or simply be more confident in the water, you can be assured there’s no better advice available. From the camp you can view 2 of the 6 waves available in the Bay. Let our Surf Team guide you to the best waves in Lombok, while providing you with local knowledge to surf safely in these amazing breaks. In addition to doing land trips around the island , our smaller boats will take you surfing in Gerupuk Bay while on our larger boat 'Nanti Dulu' will take you all over the south coast, to the best break of the day. Maybe even explore some uncharted new breaks!?!

Theory lessons and photo analysis are on a regular basis so we can analyze your surfing, giving you the opportunity to take home new skills, self coach in the future and not forgetting that surf shot of a lifetime!
You should expect to surf on average 2 times a day, every day, experiencing amazing sunrise / sunset surf sessions , So get fitness training now so you can make the most of the surf while you're here. Concentrate on stamina, flexibility, core strength and agility. With only 8 spots available every 2 weeks make sure you don’t miss out.

Bring your own surfboard (there are boards available ranging from 5 8 to 6 10 ) and accessories if possible, suitable surf clothing, shades & sunscreen/zinc. 'SESSIONS' has a quiver of surfboards in varying sizes, so you can test different board dimensions and make the most of all conditions. 

Types of waves surfed
Everything from easy crumbling waves to....
Fast, punchy powerful reef breaks
- A-frames and hollow waves

- Surfing introduction
- Personal analysis
Photo analysis
Perfecting the basics theory
- Surfing skill drills/surfing tactics thoery
- Surfboard design theory
- Performance analysis theory
- Surfboard factory tour
- Surf science thoery
- Surf history theory
- Surfing top tips theory